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Welcome the Wildlife

Bring the wildlife into your garden!

Making our gardens a haven for all sorts of wildlife does not mean we have to let them grow into a jungle!

There are lots of uncomplicated things to do which we can all implement somewhere in our outdoor spaces, providing varying habitats and nurturing feeding grounds for a range of different animals and insects!

Our top tips for creating a wildlife friendly garden:

  • Fill your borders with shrubs and perennials that are bee and butterfly friendly! Bright colours and nectar rich flowers will attract the bees, which are vital to our ecosystem.

  • Lawns can be a wonderful place for mini-beasts and insects live. Areas where the grass is left longer provides good shelter from the various weathers. This is also therefore a great natural feeding place for birds!

  • Plant trees and hedgerows for animals to shelter. Birds will nest and roost high up and they also provide great shelter and protection for the ground animals from any predators.

  • Bird-baths, ponds and water features are necessary for all wildlife. Insects and birds need to drink and also use the water to cool down! Reuse natural rainwater by collecting it in water butts and filling your water features with this. The birds will love you for this! Amphibians such as frogs will live the natural water too!

  • Dead wood and bark is ideal for shelter and feeding small insects. Create a small pile in the corner of your garden under some shade and check back regularly to see how many different insects you can attract!

Being sustainable and thinking of the environment is an important factor of wildlife gardening. Reuse materials where possible such as wood and water, and plant locally grown plants to reduce the ‘plant-miles’ and encourage local wildlife.

We would love to see your pictures of wildlife in your gardens! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to share your photos.

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