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Six Scents for Spring

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Take a look at our six favourite plants packed with fragrance this Spring:

1) Sarcoccocca Confusa

Evergreen shrub which produces tiny cream flowers in the late Winter/early Spring with a sweet fragrance. Perfect for beds and borders near a pathway.

2) Viburnum x Bodnantense

With flowers from mid-Winter into the Spring in clusters of pink flowers on bare stems. Add to your fresh flower arrangements by cutting the stems to add their scent to your home.

3) Hyacinths

The most versatile of Spring Flowering Bulbs. Plant on a sunny windowsill, in patio containers or in your borders and enjoy their sweet smell all over your home and garden. Brightly coloured flowers with maximum impact. Their fragrance intensifies as the flowers open more.

4) Daffodils

Many varieties of daffodils have a light fragrance, making them beautiful cut flowers for the home. Plant bulbs in the Autumn in patio pots or bordering pathways to enjoy their smell before bringing them inside for a vase. Pre-potted daffodils are available in the early Spring if you missed out on Autumn planting.

5) Wisteria

A fabulous climbing plant with long purple pendant clusters of flowers appearing in the late Spring, bringing a distinctly sweet fragrance. Ideal for covering walls, fences or growing up an arch.

6) Daphne x Odora

Evergreen round compact shrub with clusters of pretty pale pink flowers in the early Spring. Although they can be fussy plants, they are well worth the effort for their strong scents wafting through the air. Plant in a shady area and water regularly to enjoy their smell.

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