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Quick wins for your garden in April

It's time to garden in earnest and the things that make a big difference centre around weeding and pruning.

The first lawn cut of the year is always something special: it indicates the start of a new season and also gives the look of your garden a tremendous boost. Mow your lawn and edge it afterwards and you will be visually rewarded.

This can spur you on to start weeding your borders. They can look a little post-apocalyptic after a long winter but have faith and start to tidy up your plants; prune those that will benefit from a spring chop; weed out any unwanted squatters and, in no time, your garden will start to burst into bud and start to soak up whatever sunshine we have and flourish in the longer days ahead.

Patios usually benefit from a good blast and wash of patio cleaning solution at this time of year too. Any woodwork - decking, fencing or raised beds - looks great after a lick of fresh wood preservative (and it's a quick, satisfying job).

Don't neglect your pots and plant with some lovely fresh spring flowers and wait for any bulbs to appear as well. Your pots are ideal for adding instant hits of colour to parts of your garden that aren't colourful right now.

Garden furniture can be cleaned, treated or replaced. It's now that we start to think of sitting outside a little more so your seated areas should be inviting, clean and comfortable.

Hold off on your hanging baskets for just a little while longer and you'll enjoy them throughout the summer and into autumn if you take care of them.

Our advice is to make a start. Whatever you do will wake up your outdoor space and you'll find yourself spurred on to do the next job... and the next... and the next!

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