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Autumn is in the air

Spring bulbs really do create the most welcoming of gardens right from the beginning of the New Year! From bright yellow daffodils to deep purple alliums busting with colour in varying shapes and sizes, the blooming flower buds are perfect for lifting the Winter blues. From the first sighting of little shoots appearing above the soil to the fatter buds ready to open, these are the sure signs that Spring is just around the corner.

But why are we talking about daffodils and tulips, alliums and more Spring flowers now? The clocks haven’t changed and Autumn is just beginning!

Well as you know, these beautifully bright flowers all start off as bulbs, and September through to November is the perfect time to plant yours for the most luxurious display all throughout the Spring!

The past week or two have certainly felt cooler and as it continues, it’s time to pop those bulbs into the ground! Bulbs do not like to get too wet so pop a little grit underneath for drainage. If you are planting some show-stopping pots up this Autumn, ensure there is at least one drain hole, and layer the bottom of the pot with gravel or broken pot pieces. You don’t want your bulbs to rot!

Spring flowers such as these make a wonderful display of a freshly cut bunch. Fill your home next Spring with beautiful bouquets of your very own home-grown flowers, and share them with your friends and family.

We recommend using the Westland Bulb Compost for best results.

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