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Christmas tree care

We all know the feeling of excitement as the new tree is proudly displayed, showing our creativity and festivity to the world! However we are also too familiar of the bewilderment as our once-perfect tree starts to look a bit sorry for itself, drooping, browning and fading fast... well, here is our advice on how to take care of your fresh tree.

Fresh tree

  • Always buy a lush, healthy looking tree.
  • Make sure the trunk is trimmed when you buy it so it allows maximum water absorption.
  • Place your tree in a place where it's not too close to a heat source: eg radiators and fires.
  • Once in place, fill the stand reservoir with plenty of water and keep it topped up daily.  Plenty of water is essential to keep your tree looking good. It is also much safer as a dry, brittle tree is a fire hazard, particularly if you have fairy lights on it as most of us do.
  • Once you have decided it is time to take it down, you can recycle it yourself or find a local supplier who will come and take it away for you for a small fee.

Potted tree

  • If you're buying your potted tree (with a root ball) for the first time, prepare the hole in your garden where it will go after the Christmas period. This is a handy tip in case the ground is frozen and too hard to dig in January. A good place for a fir tree is dry and sheltered, out of direct sunlight.
  • A potted tree should be fine indoors for between 7 and 12 days but make sure you don't extend this as it'll have difficulty re-adjusting to the cold temperature afterwards.
  • Like fresh trees, position away from heat sources and avoid fairy lights that get too warm. Maybe consider LEDs or low wattage lights that won't draw moisture from the branches.
  • Check the soil every day and make sure it's not getting too dry. Water if it needs it but be careful not to over-water and drown it.
  • After Christmas, store your tree in a cool place (like a garage or shed) for a few days before re-planting it outside again.
  • Potted trees will obviously grow each year and in turn their roots grow so it's always practical to start your potted tree off fairly small as, eventually, you may not be able to move it indoors as it becomes too large and its root system too widespread.



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