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Bees and Butterflies

Bees & Butterflies...
Looking after the wildlife in our gardens and creating more welcoming environments for small visitors is essential to helping the environment. Bee's Needs Week runs from 8th-14th July and the Big Butterfly Count 2019 Friday 19th July until 11th August. Both of these awareness campaigns aim to highlight the varieties of bees and butterflies there are, and things we can do to encourage them into our gardens with a view to protecting them. These projects are great for getting children outside and into our gardens. Bug hunting is a great summer past-time, but critically it teaches them at an early age to be conscious of how important pollinating insects our to our future.

We have loads of bee and butterfly friendly plants here at Pacific and wherever possible you will see signs advising you of such. Look out for the  hexagonal signs, and for details on our plant descriptions, some of our favourites include: 




Pick up a Big Butterfly Count sheet in store and see how many you can spot, then log your results here. 

Want to do more to help Save Britain's Bees? Click here to go to The Friends of the Earth website and get your bee saver kit today! 

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