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Winter birdcare

The RSPB provides good information on feeding wild birds in your garden - it's a mix of common sense and useful, lesser-known nuggets of information. We've taken a few highlights below from their website.

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How and where the birds feed depends on what kind of bird they are. Some are ground feeders (blackbirds, thrushes and starlings for example) and others (sparrows, chaffinches and blue tits among them) will happily use hanging feeders so it's a good idea to provide a mix of food - as long as you don't have any predatory cats in your garden.

We've got some beautiful bird tables and an array of hanging devices, wall mounted houses and all kinds of useful things to help you attract and look after wild birds throughout the year. A variety of feeding types will most certainly mean you'll get a wider variety of birds in your garden or outdoor space.

Position your feeders in a quiet place. If you want to enjoy their company, position near to a window you might sit in but that isn't too busy or noisy. The RSPB recommends avoiding places where the birds can be ambushed by cats! This means keeping them away from fences or bushes where they can easily climb or lie in wait. A wide open space is what makes birds feel most secure - they'll perch nearby whilst they check it's safe to eat. Be mindful of weather conditions so a little shelter is welcome. For those birds who ground feed you could create a place under a bird table for them to search for food.

A really useful tip is to never serve bird food in the mesh bags it can sometimes be sold in as it can result in them becoming tangled via their feet or beaks, with stories of torn off feet and other horrors.

We stock an enormous array of bird seed, fat balls and other bird food. We have noticed a move towards the luxury fat balls as they get eaten much more quickly and don't hang around going stale. We've always got offers on and provide the very best quality food types along with lots of accessories you might have fun trying out.

Don't be fooled into thinking that wild birds and other wildlife only need feeding when its cold and natural food is more scarce. Wild birds will get used to reliably finding food from you and you will get visits all year round. We hope you get lots of enjoyment from taking care of nature on your own doorstep.

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