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So why do we have Christmas trees?

Whilst having an indoor tree to celebrate Christmas is usually thought to date back to Victorian times, it is in fact much earlier than that, with the tradition being brought to the UK from Germany during the Georgian period when King George III was on the throne. It was made very popular by Queen Victoria who is known to have been a big Christmas fan! A magazine illustration of her family with a Christmas tree in the background made it very fashionable at the time.

Some reports take the fir tree celebrations right back to Roman times and beyond with painted images showing them being hung upside down from the ceiling using chains. In Estonia and Latvia, they would put a tree up in the town square, dance round it and set it on fire! As with all traditions, the Christmas tree provenance derives from a melting pot of many stories!

For obvious reasons an evergreen is used as it is still green during the winter months. Less obviously it is also considered a symbol of everlasting love. Some countries believe it will chase away evil spirits, witches and illness. 

Did you know Norway send us a huge Christmas tree every year that is displayed in Trafalgar Square to thank us for our support during the Second World War? The lights are strung vertically in the Norwegian style and symbolises a strong bond between our countries – we never knew that!

So whether your tree is fresh or artificial, traditional or contemporary, packed with mum decorations or minimally chic, it is a wonderful representation of the season – we hope you enjoy yours. We have a great supply every year of the very best quality - both fresh and artificial. And why not pick a new decoration whilst you're here?

We hope you enjoy choosing yours. Happy Christmas.


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