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Home grown hydrangeas...

Our home grown Hydrangeas have arrived! 
We are well known for our beautiful home grown hydrangeas. These jumbo plants with their showy flowers all summer long are lovingly nurtured on our nursery until they are on the verge of blooming. Then they arrive here at Streetly for you to enjoy and buy.  We have 3 types of hydrangea -the classic mophead, lace cap and paniculata which come in a variety of colours including pink, blue, purple, white, green and red depending on the type of hydrangea you choose. These delightful summer shrubs can be grown in pots or in borders to give your garden a high impact wow factor, and offer excellent value for money. Caring for your hydrangeas is easy too as they tolerate most soils.

Points to bear in mind... 

  • To keep blue flowers blue, you will need to plant in acidic soil or use ericaceous compost. If a blue flowering variety is planted in alkaline soil it is likely to change colour to more of a mauve changing to pink over time. Likewise avoid acidic soil if you want to keep your pink pink! 
  • We suggest feeding with Vitax Hydrangea Feed £5.99 each or 2 for £10. 
  • Cut back hard in the spring to encourage growth. 


Blue hdrangea
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