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Fuchsia Focus

Fuchsias our "Plant of the Moment" are grown for their very attractive, usually bell-like flowers that flower from summer to autumn. They make beautiful bedding plants and are equally popular as container plants. Some fuchsia plants are used as hedges and in permanent plantings.

The first fuchsia plant was discovered in the Dominican Republic by Father Charles Plumier in the late 17th century, a missionary and botanist of the time. He named the plant after a fellow botanist Leonard Fuchs.

Fuchsia care top tips..
  • Check for insects and pests at the place where the stem and leaf meet 
  • Plant in semi-sunny areas and opt for cooler areas 
  • Plant in shade in the hotter summer months
  • Do not over waterFeed every 2 weeks but hold off in late summer  
  • Winter your fuchsias indoors and return outdoors in the spring
  • Great as a centrepiece for hanging baskets or containers

We have a huge selection of  fuchsia plants to choose from - many home grown on our Little Hay nursery or here at Streetly.  With an array of colours and sizes to choose from, and some super offers there is no doubt that these pretty flowering plants will make a great addition to any garden. 

Did you know there is a British Fuchsia Society for the very keen Fuchsia admirers!

Your local branch is based in Sutton Coldfield. Find out more here:

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